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In conjunction with the launch of the Margaux Collection, Parthé Inc. created a visual statement for use in design centers and trade shows that would position Margaux as the mark of a new classic…an inspired collection that combines time tested elements with modern flourishes. This dynamic piece captures the nuance and sophistication of the Margaux line. A strategically designed set was constructed to showcase the collection, while setting it against the backdrop of the daily activities of someone living a lifestyle of higher design. This approach allows the viewer to see how the Margaux aesthetic would enhance their lifestyle, and demonstrates the impact of the Kohler brand in all aspects of daily life. Margaux has since been repurposed and presented in a variety of formats to support the ongoing sales and marketing efforts of this new line.

Utilizing the technology of a high-speed camera, Parthé beautifully captures the essence of the Kallista brand of bathroom products by Kohler.

Parthé Inc. developed a web series showcasing “idea homes” on a national scale to capitalize on the growing trend of influence marketing. By engaging the viewer through an elevated web experience, Kohler experienced increased brand awareness and product visibility. By taking an organic, soft-sell approach, these videos leverage the influence, personality, and locality of architects, designers and home owners showing how Kohler and their family of products can be used to enhance any lifestyle while speaking to a sense of higher design. Due to its popularity and an increase in web traffic, this ongoing series has been successfully in production for over five years and covered more than two dozen homes from coast to coast. The following videos encapsulate the breadth and depth of this series, and demonstrate how we speak to the brand promise of “The Bold Look of Kohler.”