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Stanley LaBounty

Stanley LaBounty


Roy LaBounty Campaign
“It’s hard to be more dedicated to the industry when you’re the guy who created the industry.” This was the approach that Parthé Inc. took when we were asked to “re-introduce” Roy LaBounty, the man who invented the hydraulic shear. The campaign was created for a trade show and featured QR codes on all collateral material. Upon scanning the QR code, viewers were taken to a website that featured an interactive timeline showcasing the history of LaBounty.


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Doyle Drive Demolition
Imagine living in San Francisco and the only access to the city was over a bridge or roadway that was deemed seismically unsafe. And what if this roadway was also the entrance to the famed Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most traveled roadways in the nation? This was the reality with the 1.5 mile Doyle Drive roadway. Due to its condition, Doyle Drive had to be demolished, removed and replaced with a temporary bypass, while allowing for the least amount of traffic disruption possible. The disruption was to be a window of about 57 hours; 8 PM on a Friday until 5 AM the following Monday. This task was to be carried out by a fleet of equipment that surpassed any other similar projects in the history of the State of California. Our client, Stanley/LaBounty, was the principal equipment supplier for this mammoth project. With the sheer number and variety of La Bounty products on display during this historic demolition, Stanley/LaBounty needed someone they could trust to document the event and then create marketing videos that demonstrate how LaBounty full line of attachments can handle any task. Due to our experience in industrial environments and deep understanding of LaBounty products we were a natural fit to accomplish the task.