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Lionfish PSA

Lionfish PSA

Lionfish are an invasive species that knows no boundaries- A study by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration showed that the Atlantic Lionfish has spread from the Atlantic through the Caribbean all the way down the coast of South America. And when they set up shop in a reef, they are voracious predators. Lionfish will consume dozens of different types of fish species, including Snapper, Grouper and fish that keep the reefs clean of algae. To make matters worse, they breed like rabbits. Female Lionfish can release upwards of two million eggs each year. This spells disaster for environments not suited to their proliferation. In the Caribbean, they are growing faster and larger than typical growth rates found in other parts of the Atlantic because they have no known predators. Their numbers are exploding on the reefs and destroying the native reef fish population.

Although it will be impossible to eliminate them from these critical habitats, we are capable of harvesting them in numbers that can curb their growth. This documentary shows how one entrepreneurial company has devised a way of not only helping to curb their numbers, but creating a cottage industry out of it. Think of it as a Lionfish Safari, where you get to kill them and grill them. What’s better than helping the environment through a practical harvest technique that has the added benefit of a succulent meal at the end of the day? Pass the drawn butter please…