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Wisconsin Homes

Wisconsin Homes

Wisconsin Homes has the reputation of being an outstanding modular home manufacturer—especially to those that have purchased a home from them. This reputation, however, was limited in its reach for several reasons—but mainly due to the industry having some negative stereotypes. These stereotypes resulted in Wisconsin Homes struggling to find a brand image that countered conventional modular home perceptions.

Our objective was to help Wisconsin Homes refine their image and develop a new way of speaking to their audience. To accomplish this, we started by redesigning their web-site and creating a new way of speaking to their audience—precision built, custom designed homes is a mantra that is now used consistently in all of their communications. Short, pointed videos were created to help illustrate their unique points of difference. New dealer sales materials, a corporate brochure and social content were developed to help support their new image while germinating a philosophy that helps to create a dialogue with their audience, versus a monologue. Precision built, custom designed homes constructed in a controlled environment—why would you build a home any other way?