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goal setting

Identifying and setting goals is the elemental step for guiding the process. No matter the platform, all initiatives start with clear, well-defined goals.


Discovery is learning, investigating, gathering information. This research is the foundation for a sound strategy and helps ensure a successful outcome.


Strategizing includes analyzing research and assets, then using this information to formulate the “idea.” Whether this is a 30-second commercial for national television, an ambitious branding campaign, or a print ad for a trade magazine, strategizing narrows the focus so what emerges is a solid plan of attack.

sharpening & execution

We’ve picked out a knife, now we sharpen it. We use this analogy because great ideas must be honed to a keen edge. We do this in cooperation with our client to ensure that all angles have been considered and developed to their full potential. And we don’t stop until every possibility has been explored.


A successful launch is not the end, but a beginning. Sound marketing requires a long-term strategy for assessing results and redefining goals. A strategy for compounding successes and launching future initiatives…