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Barnburners and Barn Doors: A Winning Combination

Whirring fog machines, glaring lights, flying punches, and a rolling camera made for an extremely fun shoot at Lorenzi’s Boxing last Sunday. We arrived at Lorenzi’s at 9:30am and wrapped around 3:00pm. In those five or so hours, it became clear that boxing and video production have a significant amount of aspects in common. After years of practice and a myriad of bruises, the boxers at Lorenzi’s have honed their craft to an impressive degree. Each and every movement of the boxers’ bodies was deliberate and well thought-out, with an acute awareness of both the present moment and the next few moments to come.
Videographers also refine their skills through years of experience and hard drives full of test footage. We too must be practiced in the art of anticipation in order to be successful. Crew members of a production company must plan each shoot ahead of time, anticipating the shots and equipment that will be needed on set. With each step of the process, videographers must be cognizant that they are building the foundation of each consecutive step; a successful shoot results from successful preproduction planning, and a successful edit results from a successful shoot.
When these two fields intersect, the result is intensely remarkable. The footage we captured is currently being edited, and we will post the finished videos before long. Those of us at Parthé are thrilled for the opportunity to promote a local establishment with such a positive, amiable atmosphere where everyone truly “goes the distance” to foster patience and planning, which are quickly becoming lost in our world of instant gratification and unlimited undoes. These two skills, patience and planning, are necessary to build expertise in any field, particularly, of course, those of boxing and video production.
Behind the scenes at the Lorenzi's Boxing shoot.

Behind the scenes at the Lorenzi’s Boxing shoot.