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New Classics

A classic is defined as “a thing that is memorable and a very good example of its kind”. In the world of film and video one “classic style” is that of the old Public Service Announcements and Educational Films of the 1950s. Those films were the inspiration for our latest work with Essentia Health.

This past spring, Essentia Health commissioned Parthé Inc. to produce three marketing videos for their system wide MyHealth initiative. Each video was produced to specifically target a certain demographic- patients, staff, and physicians. Education and information on the benefits of MyHealth were the primary objectives for these videos. The wrinkle, was that they also needed to be equally entertaining in order to engage the desired audience.

Enter the 1950s. By giving these videos that classic look and feel, viewers are able to engage with the programs before a single word is spoken. It also also allowed us to add some humor by playing with viewers expectations.

Are the MyHealth videos “New Classics”? Maybe. They certainly communicate the clients desired messages in a unique and effective way. And that’s always a win!