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Photography vs Photographer


Let’s face it- now days everyone is a photographer. Regardless if it is video or still, digital technology has taken the mystery out of a skill set that historically required years of experience and an intimate understanding of equipment. Let’s back up a minute though- what constitutes a photographer? Because you have the latest and greatest equipment and know how to use the autofocus, does that mean you have the skill set to be a real photographer? The answer to that is a resounding YES—but that doesn’t mean you know anything about photography. See, being a professional means more than having gear or knowing how to use it. It’s a package of understanding that eclipses shutter speeds and composition. It’s the comprehension that gives a photographer their identity. Just like a good author, you have to start with a message. Moving past the message, it becomes an exercise in how you communicate that message. So many things go into telling a good story—regardless if it is someone reading The Legend of Sam McGee around a campfire on a quiet summer night, or if it is a corporate communication video being distributed to shareholders. Experience, an intimate understanding of your tools, your ability to elicit a desired response from your audience, understanding how it will be distributed, etc. are all part of a professional photographer’s arsenal of skills. It’s these skills that will create something special—something that is worth spending your budget on. In the case of Parthé, our identity is longevity through success. We’ve been in the Duluth market for over 32 years while working with clients all over the world. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell a story through film production, video production or still photography, no matter what medium that message will be distributed through. If you are embarking on a project that requires experience and professionalism, call us. We’d love to hear your story.